Luso is a traditional Portuguese Spa known to exist since the early XIX century. Its water is the most famous in Portugal due to it's special physical and chemical characteristics.

With the help of the qualified professionals of the renewed SPA, now under the managment of the Maloclinics company (http://www.termasdoluso.com), the wonderful taste, skin smoothing and tonifying properties of Luso water, no doubt will relax your body and get you in shape.

Luso, and its location, half way on the slope of the Bussaco mountain, creates itself an ambience of quietness and relax that will free your mind of the rush and stress of modern life.Due to it's location, Luso is one of the most perfect places for your holidays if your plan is to visit all the centre of Potugal, including the most important places such as Lisbon, Oporto, Coimbra, Fatima and Sintra




Bussaco National Park & Palace:

100 meters from the Hotel, stays the Bussaco National Park, a paradise on earth, full of exotic trees brought from overseas by the Portuguese sailors, cold springs of crystalline water and dramatic view points over the sea line.

It was a closed park until the early XIX Century, used for meditation by monks of a Spanish religious order (Carmelites) that build its monastery and a collection of small chapels with special permission of Felipe III of Spain (Felipe II of Portugal). Inside, you will find the last Palace that the Portuguese Monarchy decided to build - no doubt, a pearl of architecture and a delight for the eyes.

In early XIX century, Bussaco was the stage for one of the most important battles of the Peninsular War, opposing the duke of Wellington against Massena and marking the beginning of the end of the French and Napoleon invasions. On the 27th September 2010, will take place the 200 years commemoration of the battle


The perfect place for your relax:

The hotel was built in 1859 to be the summer residence of the Count of Graciosa and it was the first manor house to ever been built in Luso.

With the development of the town as a nobility and rich people holiday destination in the late XIX century, many rich and famous Portuguese people, build its own holiday house in Luso, giving to the town an eclectical and aristocratic look, typical of the "Belle-époque". Nevertheless, the hotel's building, kept its dominating position over the landscape of this marvellous little town, that someone once called the "Suisse of Portugal".Set to be an hotel unit since 1939, it has been managed by the Alegre family ever since then. Nowadays, this boutique hotel combines its history with the welfare available in 18 large rooms, all with heating, bathroom, telephone, television and some with balconies. A closed parking area, swimming-pool, restaurant, gardens, and a dramatic view over Luso's village and Bussaco mountain, will give guests, wonderful moments of comfort and pleasure