What to do ?  

Pleasant vacations are made of a variety of activities in such a way, that the daily stress disappears.

Luso can give you that... and more!

The modern SPA facilities and services will do whatever is possible for your health and beauty. You'll find that the special characteristics of this water go far behind what you can see or touch.


Along with the SPA and due to it's location, Luso is one of the most perfect places for your holidays if your plan is to visit all the centre of Potugal, including the most important places such as Lisbon, Oporto, Coimbra, Fatima, Óbidos or Sintra . You can complement the daily visit to one of the several interest points around, with relaxing at the hotel's swimming pool with a cold cocktail to regain your stamina after a hot summer day. Later, prepare yourself for a delicious dinner with the speciality of the region: Suckling Pig...!

Other specialities such as Chanfana and Negalhos are also available in most of the Restaurants of the region so that you can take back home the genuine flavours of the Portuguese cuisine.


Nothing is better than an excellent dinner with a excellence wine. The Bairrada region, where Luso is, is famous for its red mature wines full of soul and for the white sparkling wines (Known as "espumante" but in fact, something like "champagne").

There are dozens of wine production cellars around for you to visit and taste wines. Some have their own restaurant to make things even more perfect. You won't get bored... Bairrada people are truly friendly, and it is common to be invited to private cellars to heat ham, cheese and our famous bread... and to have an excuse to drink the wine! The only caution to take is to have a taxi driver available if you wish to get back to the Hotel in one piece.

The next day, it is better to think of discovering Bussaco, a paradise on earth, full of exotic trees brought from overseas by the Portuguese sailors, cold springs of crystalline water and dramatic view points over the sea line. Hiking or mountain bicycle are the options and pic-nic basket can be a delicious lunch moment.

Inside, you will find the last Palace that the Portuguese Monarchy decided to build - no doubt, a pearl of architecture and a delight for the eyes.

In early XIX century, Bussaco was the stage for one of the most important battles of the Peninsular War, opposing the duke of Wellington against Massena and the military museum is surely worth the visit.


If you interest is other than nature and history, maybe you could try one of excellent sports facilities that Luso and the region are equipped with: Tennis courts, golf, football, in-door sports, athletism, etc.

Fully equipped for international events, the sport facilities can be individually or group rented, for what better suits your needs.


We're sure that you'll recall your vacations in Luso, as some of the most pleasant moments of all of your vacations.

Come and find it out for your self...!