Nature & man working together  

The Bussaco National Park is an exquisite monumental garden full of exotic trees brought from overseas by the Portuguese sailors, cold springs of crystalline water and dramatic view points over the sea line.

Visitors are overwhelmed by its bucolic and meditation atmosphere created by the monks in the XVII century and that it prevails until today

The palace that the last king of Portugal decided to build there in 1888 is a tribute to this ambiance and it is now one of the pearls of the late XIX century architecture



It was a closed park until the early XIX Century, used for meditation by monks of a Spanish religious order (Carmelites) that build its monastery and a collection of small chapels with special permission of Felipe III of Spain (Felipe II of Portugal).


In early XIX century, Bussaco was the stage for one of the most important battles of the Peninsular War, opposing the duke of Wellington against Massena and marking the beginning of the end of the French and Napoleon invasions. On the 27th September 2010, will take place the 200 years commemoration of the battle.



Between the sun rays and the mist and blessed by the water and weather, Bussaco is a unique place, where the air, the peace and the sounds of nature, will take visitors on relaxation trip to a XVII century model of the Garden of Eden