A House with 150 years of history




"1859 - CG" under a Count's crown it´s the main and single clue that exists about the construction date of the hotel building.

Manor-house of a large estate that included the most part of "Luso d'Além" and part of the Bussaco forest, it would have been built, possibly in 1859, by the Graciosa Count as a holidays' house.

The style the building presents nowadays is the result of sucessive changes made during its 150 years of history.

From this left illustration of Bussaco's mountain, it is possible to see that, in 1867(the illustration's date) "Luso d'Além" is dominated by the presence of the manor-house and by the Marquis' Cruise.It's perfectly visible the extent of the original estate as well as the inexistence of Bussaco's Palace at the time

By that time (1867),we can see that the building didn´t have nor the dormer windows neither the balconies with the same size they have nowadays, and curiously (by the chimney localization), we verify that the kitchen was, at the time, in the space that is now occupied by room 111.


With these images taken from postcards of 1870 and 1888, it is possible to check again the primitive structure of the building.

It is visible that the main dormer window is rather small (1), the lateral body of the house didn´t exist yet (2) and the balconies of the front are substantially smaller (3) and (4).


About 1900, the roof had been refurbished, to create more and larger dormer windows (1) and (2). The balconies remained, at the time,unaltered and the lateral body of the building still was inexistent (3).

At the time there were no fire-place chimneys, so it is possible to conclude that the house would only serve as a Summer´s residence.



Nobody knows the exact date, but before the 1st World War, the building suffered enormous changes that originated the creation of a lateral body (4), the building of the fire-places in the living-room and in the music-room (5), the extension of the front balconies to their present measures (2) and (3), and the kitchen´s removal from the space that is nowadays the room 111 into its actual localization (4).

Following this tradition of repairments, it was accomplished in 1992 the complete remodelling of the building´s interiors, one which is only visible from the outside by the addition of the lateral dormer windows (1).