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Alegre Hotel Bussaco

In Luso you will witness the passage of time and art in pure nature. Walk and enjoy this architectural jewels that wriggle all over the beautiful Bussaco Forest. En Luso podrás ser testigo del paso de la historia y el arte en plena naturaleza. Pasea y disfruta de las grandes joyas que serpentean el increíble bosque de Bussaco.

1. High cross

This dramatic view point is the highest point on the hill. From there visitors try to guess what is beneath the trees top. Built over the foundations of Saint Euphimeas hermitage, whose altar is nowadays in the Baptismal Room of Luso Church, it was destructed and rebuilt several times until it reached its actual shape.

2. Bussaco Battle Monument

The monument marks the place where the Anglo-Portuguese artillery made its HQ during Bussaco Battle in 1810. On the 27th September of every year, Portuguese and British commemorate their victory over Napoleons troops with a theatrical recreation of the artillery action.

3. Military Museum

At the Military Museum, it is possible to see original weapons and garments used at the Bussaco Battle in 1810, as well as representations of the battle and all its history

4. Calvário & Sepulcro

One the many hermitages of the Forest. Built for the monks meditation and seclusion, they are, even today, small refuges to discover

5. Pilatos Balcony

It symbolizes the moment when Pilatus said its famous sentence about Christ condemnation. The stairs of the staircase and the metrics of the building are rather curious, but are made so that the Holy Bible description is recreated in stone

6. Palace, Convent and Gardens

Maximum exponent of the Neo-Manuelino style, it is, for every reason, the centre of the attentions inside Bussaco Forest. Built at the end of the XIX Century, it occupies some of the space previously belonging to the convent. Of the convent, remain today only the church and the cloisters, as well as the cell where Lord Wellington slept the day before the Battle of 1810

7. Cold Spring

An abounding fountain of icy water, above cascades of water, flanked by a majestic staircase, initiates the rivulet and lakes of the Ferns Valley.

8. Valley of the Ferns

Between the arboreal ferns, the water rivulet and the sun rays that inattentively are able to pierce through the branches, it is certainly a spot not to be missed

9. Saint Antão Hermit

One the many hermitages of the Forest. Built for the monks meditation and seclusion, they are, even today, small refuges to discover. It is a special dramatic view point, full of quietness and romantism, perfect to enjoy the sunset.

10. Coimbra door gates

The ancient main door gates of the Forest. The papal bull, that attributes the Forest to the Carmelitas Descalços and punishes with excomungation the cut of trees, as well as the edict forbidding the entrance of women into the Forest, can nowadays be read in two large stones there present.

11. Caiphaz

It is one of the steps of the Sacromonte. The small tower is possible to climb to enjoy the view.

12. Marquis de Graciosa Land Cross

It marked the highest point of the land of the Marquis de Graciosa, the builder of the Manor House that today is the Alegre Hotel. It was integrated in the Bussaco Forest property, late XIX century, by state expropriation.